Why Black Friday in Pakistan?

black friday

What is a Black Friday?

Black Friday, the big & busy shopping day for Christmas which usually comes after Thanksgiving day and the Friday before Cyber Monday (a marketing term used by companies to persuade people to shop online). At this time of the year, fashion wears, electronics, toys, gadgets, accessories and home appliances etc are available at amazing discounts. The trend of Black Friday in Pakistan was started in 2015.

The first most obvious question is that what exactly Black Friday is. And why it sounds like some depressing holiday. So first let me shed some light on its history and why is it so popular in the United States and other countries.

History of Black Friday

Since the day is celebrated after thanksgiving, so it’s high time for people to do some Christmas shopping. It has become the major shopping day for the people. Retailers offer massive discounts on their products to make people spend their hard-earned money on shopping. There is no convincing theory yet as why is it called “The Black Friday”. Some say it’s the biggest profit day of the year for shopping stores.

The most popular story  is that it is the day on which retailers finally began to show a profit of the year, which by accounting term means “moving from being in the red” to “in the black”.

Another history behind its origin actually began in Philadelphia, in 1960 when the Philadelphia police first referred that day after the Thanksgiving as “Black Friday”. Because of the large amount of tourists and shoppers flooded in the city’s shopping district. The police was unable to take that day off but on the other hand it was the best day for shopping stores as they had more sales and higher profit.

Why it Has Become So Popular?

The very famous marketing theory is that by putting your items on sale or selling them on big discounted price,  can attract big crowds like bees to the honey. It is the long, busy shopping day with the shops and retailers opening up at 5 AM or even earlier to the crowds of people waiting anxiously outside.

Many marketing tactics are used to create buzz among the people and keep them excited about the Black Friday deals and discounts. Retailers post ads and give online coupons to give consumers time to decide and get their shopping list done. Some take a  different approach and keep it like a secret till the last moment to announce the Black Friday ads to keep people attracted towards them.

Black Friday in Pakistan

The concept “Black Friday” is not just American any longer. Many countries including Pakistan have adopted the same idea. The shopping event was created in the western world, but the trend is becoming profitable for stores and shops here as well. Almost all online shopping sites have offer huge discounts on their products.

But Wait ..

We have already copied the idea of eCommerce from the west. But why are we following the Western trends any further?

Black Friday is actually for meant for people who can not afford to shop for Christmas and New Year celebrations. But what is our concern? Christmas or New Year is not our official festival. Why don’t we have such deals on our Pakistani festivals?

Possible Alternatives of Black Friday in Pakistan

It is not always necessary to promote and follow Western Trends. Check out the following best alternatives of Black Friday in Pakistan.

1. Ramadan Friday

Unfortunately, we see a rise in prices of almost each and everything from fruits to clothing items in Pakistan during Ramadan. It can prove to be a good time to set a trend of Ramadan Friday when the sales are already high. The Markets are over crowded during Ramadan. The people will surely like to avail discounts offered during a Ramadan Friday. They will be happy to get their product on their door step. Moreover, a discounted sale during Ramadan will also encourage the lower class to buy products online.

2. Eid Friday

If not Ramadan Friday, then why not Eid Friday? The sales become even higher before a few days from Eid. Markets are even more over crowded. Every person at that time remains busy in Eid Preparations. An Eid Friday Sale on the Friday before Eid is going to break the records of sales of even Black Friday.

3. Azaadi Friday

Azaadi(Independence) Friday can be celebrated on the Friday before the Independence Day. This is another time of the year when people are happy and will be willing to purchase the discounted items.


There can be many other occasions when such discounted sales will rock. But our online stores are following the international pattern and are being “lakeer kay faker” (To go about the same old beaten path).

The point here is not that we are demanding discounts on our own festivals. Our actual point is that why there are no offers on our occasions. Even though, if discounted sales are offered, those are mostly for the clearance of the old stock. We witness several companies offering sponsorship to the online stores for Black Friday in Pakistan. They can then also offer sponsorship for the above occasions as well. Further, online stores should try to reduce the prices as much as possible so that the people who can not afford the actual prices, can buy the products as well.

Why are we trend followers, not trend setters? Think!



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