What to Do During a Fire in Pakistan

The number of fire incidents is increasing gradually in Pakistan. One of the principle issues that we face with regards to fire risks is the reaction time of the fire controlling authorities. Moreover, results are worse due to no proper fire emergency plans in the buildings and houses. It is important to react smartly during a fire in Pakistan.

We see people jumping out of windows and screaming their lungs out while crying for help. Further, Due to the weak state of fire rescuing services in the country, many people lose their lives and the fire which should take 2-3 hours to go off, takes 20-24 hours. Hence, the result is catastrophic.

what should you do in during a fire emergency?

Firefighters play their part but you also have a part to play in such emergency situations.

Call ’16’

Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the fire brigade calling number. Some also forget to call them during a fire. The first thing you should be doing is getting to a safe place if possible and call ’16’. So that the firefighting services become aware of the incident.

Stay Away from flammables

You need to stay away from flammable items like Room freshener sprays etc. Moreover, avoid going to the kitchen during a fire.

Find an exit

Take note of the position where you’re standing and make sure to know how to achieve the closest EXITS. If the building you are in has a fire exit, try to go in that.

Keep in mind that in a fire circumstance, smoke spreads rapidly and makes you blind and hard to breathe and will sweep down in the rooms and the entire building in no time. This condition may compel you to crouch or crawl to escape to safety. Monitor your environment, your insight into the closest EXITS and having a PLAN will extraordinarily expand your capacity to manage sudden crises.

All lives are precious, assist others

It is human nature to worry about your life in case of a panicking situation, which is understandable. But this horrible event can traumatize people, especially kids, old people and women. If you can, you should notify others of the exits rather than just rushing your way out.

Fire Alarm

If the fire alarm of the building does not yet sound, manually activate the alarm if it is closer to you.

When should you use a fire extinguisher?

Just on the off chance that you are prepared and positive about the usage of a fire extinguisher. And, importantly if the fire is extinguishable. If you battle the fire, utilize just a single extinguisher quickly, then clear the building.
As a reminder: you are NOT committed to battle flames of any size. If you have any uncertainty, don’t endeavor to battle the fire. Save your life first.

If caught in smoke

-Drop on your hands and knees and crawl towards the nearest known exit.
-Stay down, smoke will rise to ceiling level first.
-Hold your breath as much as possible.
-Breathe through your nose as less as you can.
-Use a filter such as a shirt, towel or handkerchief.

Call the fire rescue service and report your location and condition.

It is also important to let the firefighters and rescue workers know your location and condition. Close as many doors as possible between you and the fire. Place a wet cloth material around or under the door to help prevent smoke from entering the room. If the room has an outside window, try to pass a rescue signal to someone outside.

What should you do if your clothes catch fire?

When your clothes catch fire, immediate action must be taken. There is no time to think. The one thing you should NEVER do is run. To minimize a burn injury when your clothes catch fire, Stop. Lie on the ground. And
ROLL. Burns are among the most painful of injuries and can lead to a painful death.


We should be given a proper training at School level about how to react smartly during a fire. Concerned authorities should make sure that every building follows Fire Safety rules. The Government should regularly check our Fire rescue centers and provide them updated equipment. Additionally, our firefighters should be given advanced training. Awareness should be spread among the people. In this way, loss of precious lives can be minimized.



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