6 Tips To Win Bids On Freelancing Sites

Winning a bid on freelancing sites is not a piece of cake but frustrating. With hundreds of freelancers competing for projects, it is kind of difficult to make your bid stand out from the others. But still, you can win bids on freelancing sites if you will follow the tips which are shared in this post.

Placing a bid on the jobs available on freelancing sites is necessary. If your bids are not attractive, the chances of winning the client project are low. There is no “magic formula” to write the winning bid.

How to Win Bids on Freelancing Sites?

I am sharing here some important tips and tricks to help in making your bid noticed:

1. Read The Project Carefully:

This sounds simple, but it’s not. If the employer felt that you have not understood the project requirement correctly, there won’t be any single chance for you to get the project. Read the details, requirements and attachments. Ask questions if need, sensible ones related to the project not general. Make your client believe that you have fully understood the project needs. The bottom line is to take time to go through the project details before placing your bid.

2. Keep Your Bid Specific & Clear:

Bid with a full heart, even if the rates are low. Do not write lengthy unnecessarily long descriptions. Be specific. Your bid should sound professional. Mention your skills and experience related to that project. Do not rush and neither be too late in submitting your bids. Read the description again before placing bids. Prove the client that you are the one they are looking for. Better give one line spacing when you are writing your bid.


A ‘You Approach’ sets a positive tone. Using this approach while placing bids is going to leave a very good impression on the clients. Focus on what the client is exactly looking for. The client will feel that he is important and might also start considering you for the job. You must follow this if you want to increase the chances to win bids on freelancing sites.

4. Provide Previous Work Samples:

Your previous work samples and work experiences can be your plus point. Add a portfolio in your profile on the freelancing sites. Make sure that your example work is appropriate regarding the job and they are representing your skills. Do not over exaggerate about your skills.It will not only affect your rating but will also jeopardize your chances in getting the project.

5. Be Available:

Stay active. Install the apps on your phone to be in constant contact not just with the employer, but also to get to know about latest projects so that you can make a bid quickly. Most clients, awards projects just after submission of initial bids so make sure to keep yourself available. Never get tired of the messages and queries. Be polite. Win the clients’ trust by patience and professional manners.

6. Specify Your Terms:

Take the project description as a guide. Precise in stating what you will provide and how much time you will be needing to deliver, how much it will cost, what the drawbacks will be or what the possible additional requirements can be asked afterward. Keeping everything clear and delivering exactly what you offer will result in a good relation with the client.

Things To Remember:

  • Be confident and honest about your skills, experience and work.
  • Your bid should answer the question of ‘Why you should be selected for the job’.
  • The quality of the work should be your first priority.
  • Employers ignore the bids if they are too wordy. Hence, place concise bids.
  • Upgrade and update your profile time by time.
  • Do not loose heart if you do not win the bid. Keep on trying and learn from your failures.
  • Clear all requirements before starting any project. It shows your sincerity level towards the work.
  • Try to submit the work before time to impress the client and win his trust.
  • It is important to be in touch with the client while working on the project.

Last but not least re-read before placing the bids. If you want to win bids on freelancing sites, check out for typos and grammatical mistakes. Poorly written proposals will get you nowhere. I hope that the above tips and tricks will help you out in doing well in your freelance career. All the Best!

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