Tips for Final Year Computer Students

When the students enter in their final year of undergrad, they are not aware of many challenges that they will face after their studies. At first, it seems like a blink of an eye for them when they realize that now they are in their last year of their bachelor studies. Many students at this stage start thinking about the salary of their first job. Some even think whether they will be able to get a job or not. Few of them, especially final year computer students think about building their own startups. Some start preparing to enroll themselves in their family business.

University life is like a roller coaster ride. During the final year of graduation, the students keep themselves busy in studies, Final Year Projects, Midterms and Semester exams. Several career counseling seminars are often conducted for the final year students. Some take interest in those and some do not.

No matter which field you belong to, you will come to know of reality only after entering the professional life. Of course, the reality is not harsh. But it is full of challenges and hurdles.

I have compiled a list of the things that you must know before Graduation which will help you prepare for the challenges that you may face in the professional life.

final year computer students


You should have an aim. You should know what you want to do with your life and you should make a strategy. Whether you are interested in doing a job or coming up with your own startup. You should remain focused on what you decide.

Area of Interest

Make sure that you know which field are you willing to pursue your career in. Either Software Development, Quality Assurance, Networking or Consultancy. For the case of Software Development, see the chart below to take idea:


But it doesn’t matter that you select a Computer related field. You have many other options. If you are a good artist, you should go for your interest. If you are a marketing expert, you should join the marketing field. But select a field that you love to work in. Just make sure that you would not be regretting 10 years for choosing a wrong field for yourself.

Target Companies

Compile a list of the companies which works on the technologies of your interest. Keep an eye on the vacancies and opportunities by those companies on Linkedin and job portals like

You can also know about the environment of the company if any of your alumnus or known person who is working there.

Highlighting Skills in Resume

Highlight your major skills in resume according to your interest. It does not make any sense if you are applying for a Software Quality Assurance job and you have highlighted your Software Development skills. As if you are more interested towards Software Development instead of Quality Assurance.

Further, it is a good practice to modify your resume every time while applying at different companies. Look at the requirements and the job description on the job post and accordingly adjust your resume.

Things to remember for Final Year Computer Students

Make sure that:

  • You are genuinely interested in the job that you are applying for. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time.
  • You write a proper subject of the email while applying for the job.
  • You write a unique and outclass cover letter in the body of the email (not as a separate document).
  • Your CV is error free.
  • Make sure you have a LinkedIn Account. All the skills mentioned in the resume are on the Linkedin as well.

If the final year computer students act upon the above advises and prepare themselves to refrain from committing mistakes. Best of Luck!



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