12 Things You Experience in the University Life

There is no specific approach to describe the things you experience in the University life. Let’s start from the very beginning. What would you do on your first day? Try making friends? Get familiar with the building? Well, I’d say that it depends on your state of mind that how you see it. Different students see it differently in their own unique way. So, let us tell you about the things you experience in the University life.

things you experience in the university life

1. Hide and Seek

The first day is all about playing hide and seek from your seniors. Try not to get ragged, because if you do get caught, see that you’re carrying a lot of money. So that you could provide a delicious meal to your seniors. Or the consequences could turn out bad. This is the very first out the of the many things you experience in the University life.

2. You start missing your school

If someone tells you that University life is like diving into a sea of opportunity, hug him. But, if someone tells you that University life’s a piece of cake, slap him! Because, it’s not. This is the stage where you’ll start missing your school and you’ll realise, this is a completely different world. But of course, there’s a lot of things you learn from University life.

3. Time management

This is the most important thing you learn from university life. If you are a lazy person, then may GOD help you because University life’s a track and you have to keep running. Miss the first 20 minutes of a lecture and you won’t have a clue what the lecturer is babbling about. Miss a class and you’d see that most of the exam is based on the lecture you missed.

4. Night Owl

Oh! Do you love sleeping? Say bye to your sleeping schedules for the next 4 years and welcome to the sleepless nights of assignment making and quiz preparation with open arms.

5. Surprises

This can be either a birthday surprise or a surprise quiz or an extra class announcement.

6. Competition

You may be the cream of the crop in your School and college but higher are chances that you will be surrounded with immense talented bunch of students. In the beginning, you may start worrying when you will see book worms and nerds studying every time. You will be given a tough time if you aim to compete with them in the studies.

7. Socialising

It’s very important to socialise and make friends. It’s a great deal of help when you have friends around. You get moral support and the privilege of group studies. You will get a chance to meet different type of people. If you are not social, you can face problems. University life is incomplete without friends in it.

8. Keeping good terms with your teachers

This is another essential thing you experience in the university life. How valuable your relation with teachers could be, it depends on you. The more you listen to them, the more chances you have to pass or even score good marks. Turn out a bad leaf against your teachers and you’re in hot water. But always respect your teachers.

9. Rare Moments of joy

If you think that one of the things that will experience in the University life is Luxury? Or the right to enjoy? Then you’re so wrong. You’d be pretty much caught up in assignments and work load for almost every day. Smart students still take out time for enjoyment. But for the most of the time, your schedule remain packed.

10. Decision making

You become more and more of a decision maker. In other words, you become a keen observer and try reading people, your teachers, your classmates, your friends and even the strangers. And you take a lot of right and wrong decisions in your University life. But that’s okay! It is one of the most crucial thing out of the many things you experience in the University life.

11. Self Confidence

Eventually, you’ll learn that at the end of your University life, an energy of confidence is surging through your body. You’ll realise that you’re more presentable and you’ve finally mould yourself into a suitable personality and this would be the most important thing you learn from University life.

12. Exchanging Ideas

It will be significant for you if you learn to exchange ideas among your friends or teachers. It expands the thinking capacity of your brain and floods your mind with a number of great ideas that you could implement in your practical life.

In a Nut Shell

So these are the things you experience in the University life. If you have already graduated, then you might second us. If you haven’t yet,  don’t be afraid of it. Just fasten your seat belt and try to enjoy the roller coaster ride with many ups and downs. It is hard but never impossible. It is an experience that you will remember for your whole life. But Make sure that you avoid mistakes which common among fresh graduates.



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