Sara Naveed, A Passionate Pakistani Writer

Sara Naveed is a Pakistani author from Lahore. So far, her two books “Undying Affinity” and “Our Story Ends Here” are published. She is a business graduate and a Gold medalist in her masters in Banking and Finance from University of Management and Technology, Lahore.

Undying Affinity by Sara Naveed

Undying Affinity by Sara Naveed

Sara believes that she has been a writer all her life. she started writing fan-fictions on various Bollywood forums because she loved fantasizing about Bollywood stars and weaving stories about them. Hence, her interest in writing developed from writing fan-fictions. However, she paused writing when she stepped into her high school. But afterward, she started writing on a serious note when she was in her university life.

She always loved the idea of writing and dreamed of becoming a writer one day. She believed in choosing passion and turning it into a career. Hence, despite having a gold medal in her masters education, she still chose her passion which was writing.

She was unable to find any suitable publishing companies in Pakistan in the beginning. Therefore, she chose self-publishing plan and went ahead with it.

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Sara believes that most of the writers fail completing their books. Lack of consistency is what makes them drop their plan of becoming a writer. A lot of people are not able to finish what they started. According to her, one can only become a writer if he has consistency in his writing. They day he stops writing is the day when he stops dreaming about becoming a professional writing. Writing needs a lot of practice.

“People discourage becoming writers because they feel there is less scope for them in this field. However, that’s not true. Every company, every big organization is looking out for content writers. Therefore, writing does have a lot of potential.”

Penguin India, an Indian publishing country agreed to publish her book since she could not get it published in Pakistan.

I literally jumped with excitement when Penguin India agreed to publish my book. Getting published by a traditional publishing house and too Penguin is surely a big thing for me. It’s like a dream come true moment.

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During her conversation regarding her book “Our Story Ends Here” with

Sara Naveed has started a self-publishing company namely “The Book Shook”. She wants to create a platform for the emerging Pakistani writers who can live their dreams, get their work published and become authors.

She aims to focus on writing books and publish a new book every year. Her advice to the future writers is:

Read a lot. Believe in yourself. Never stop dreaming. Write as much as you can!

The second book of Sara Naveed, “Our Story Ends Here” is published recently in February 2017. She believes that this book is a story that comes from her heart. You can follow her Facebook Page.

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