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Samar Khan, Pakistani Female National Record Holder

Samar Khan holds a record of riding the cycle on 4,500 meters high Biafo Glacier in the Karakoram Mountains of Gilgit-Baltistan. She is the first ever woman in the World and first ever Pakistani to achieve this feat.

She discovered her love for sports in Army School of Physical Training, Kakul, from where she learned Para-gliding. Later on, she excelled in other fields as well like trekking, mountain biking & martial arts. Samar Khan believed that cycling is the best way of discovering the hidden beauties of nature.

She reached Pak-China border, Khunjerab from Islamabad on cycle & rode over 4693  meters in -5 Degrees Centigrade to set a national record.

She belongs to Khas Dir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Additionally, she holds a Masters Degree in Physics. Apart from cycling, she is also a social activist and raises voice for social injustice. She has also given a talk at a TEDx event.

Samar Khan

How did it come to Samar’s mind to ride a bicycle to such height?

“I wanted to set the trend of adventure sports in Pakistan, and this idea struck me suddenly to try cycling on glaciers which could bring innovation to my sport and remove the fears n insecurities related to adventure activities. And the concept of females as a weak gender will also be changed due to this feat.”

Samar Khan

Being a girl, what challenges did Samar face when she made her mind to break a record?

“I set this record, and the biggest challenge was to maintain my stamina for such long cycling tour and to face sudden climate changes without stopping. Another challenge was to complete my target in my limited resources as all big brands had rejected my proposal for this expedition.”

Samar Khan

What other sports activities does Samar actively take part?

“For self-defense, I have also been learning Mix Martial Arts for last one year. I also do trekking, rock climbing, paragliding n other such activities to promote sports.”

Samar Khan

What are her plans afterward?

“Future plans include joining national cycling team of Pakistan to bring the title in Olympics n set more of such sports records so that I could play my role in uplifting the image of Pakistan.”

Samar Khan


If any girl or boy want to follow her footsteps, What will she say to them?

“If anyone wants to join sports or any field which is considered not fit for that particular gender, they should join it and start working on it despite the odds. They just have to take the 1st step and Allah will naturally bring the easiness in their path if their intentions are good n positive for the country they will succeed. Just trust on the potential that they have and keep moving!!”

Samar Khan

Her advice for our youth.

“My advice to the youth is to discover their talents as soon as possible and start using those skills for the betterment of Pakistan as we are far behind than other nations. We have to serve and improve every field whether its politics, arts, sports, media, education or health. Think, how can you serve your community n bring reforms!! Pakistan Zindabad !!”

Samar Khan

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