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Peekaboo Guru is a complete solution and guide for those who are looking for discounts, deals, sales, and promotion. For instance, if you are willing to go to a restaurant, you can find the nearest restaurants, plus the ones with best discounts and deals. You can get the address, contact, timings, reviews, rating, pictures and menus. Not only food, you can get similar information for other industries like Clothing, Health, Education, Tourism, and Entertainment.

Further, this app also lets you know about which Bank is offering discounts on different places on the usage of their Debit and Credit cards. With just one tap, you get a list of all the available brands! Undoubtedly, the best way to keep yourself updated.


This amazing application was launched on 23rd May 2016, successfully completes its first year as one of the only Pakistani digital lifestyle guide and the first ever online discount marketplace. Peekaboo Guru is a location-based platform available as an app and website, that was introduced to provide a solution to the everyday shopping dilemma by centralizing all the deals and discounts available in the market in one place to inspire better lifestyle in an easier manner.

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Peekaboo Guru came about with an objective to transform the information based system to a transactional based system and integrate services such as ride-hailing, food ordering, and booking platforms. Besides providing comprehensive reviews and ratings, Peekaboo Guru is known for its key function ‘Guru Eyes’, a geo-location based feature augmented with reality which allows one to view places through the camera screen.

Today, Peekaboo Guru has more than 150,000 app users who can discover the nearest restaurants, get the directions, find out the timings or contact information, see the menu or services offered, access the ambiance, discover the discounts on the cards they carry and even read the reviews about the place planned to visit. There has been an overwhelming response with more than 12 million screen views and around six hundred thousand sessions in last six months or so. Hence, it won’t be an understatement to say that Peekaboo is the answer to the prayers of the shoppers of the new generation.

On its anniversary, Mehdi Hassan (Founder Peekaboo Guru) adds, “With each passing day, the resolve is getting stronger and the vision clearer. We feel that these are interesting times in Pakistan as the digital landscape is shaping up quite nicely. Backed by a motivated team of individuals striving for the success of Peekaboo Guru, we are confident that we will not only live up to the expectations of our existing user community but also attract even larger audiences and businesses in the upcoming year.”

Besides its tremendous growth, reach and impact over the last year, it has also bagged the ICT award under the category of ‘Travel and Hospitality’ in 2016 and was selected as one of the top 50 products in Startup Istanbul. As Peekaboo Guru embarks on its journey of technological evolution it promises a revolution the way Pakistani’s shall be shopping in the future.

Get updated with the information about the best deals, discounts, and promotions in town by downloading the Peekaboo Guru Android and iOS App. You can also visit its website.



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