Maria Raushan, An NED Graduate Choose Art as Career

  • Maria Raushan
  • Maria Raushan

About Maria Raushan

There are people who like to indulge themselves in all the activities around them that please them. One of them is Maria Raushan, the owner of Maria’s Trend Corner.

She describes herself as an ordinary girl with a curious mind. By qualification, she is a Computer & Information Systems Engineer graduate from NED University and the owner/designer of a beautiful line of work that she loves to do the most i.e Maria’s Trend Corner.

Maria grew up with a dream of being an artist but our society doesn’t really appreciate the thought of being an artist by profession. She followed her father’s prints and stepped into engineering. On the other hand, She never stopped her steps towards creativity. She did paintings, sketches whenever she liked so. She made cards time to time for her mother and family members but never thought of a startup of her own.

What made her realize her passion?

Usually, people are inspired by great things. Her inspiration of trying this art, called as quilling, is quite unbelievable. As a matter of fact, She was inspired by a Google Chrome Theme. She believes that one doesn’t need elite resources or high-end tool to start trying what interests him or her. She started off quilling (Paper Art) with a needle, scissor and a colored computer paper cut into strips. Of course, practice is what everyone needs to achieve cleanliness in this art, which She did parallel along with her studies.

Competitions and Exhibitions

Maria has won several art competitions at School level and exhibited her art work at various exhibitions.

How did she start Maria’s Trend Corner?

Starting your own business, no matter how small it is, just requires a spark within you, a frenzy of passion on which you have to act confidently and promptly.

When she was in her first year of bachelor studies, she launched her page on Facebook. She brought Maria’s Trend Corner online as soon as she realized that was ready enough to tackle the actual clients.

Her business at Early Stage

For every business, after you have developed and established your startup, the next step is to land initial clients.

Maria Raushan took minimal charges for her work, started small and slowly expanded over the time. She believes that she is blessed when it comes to having such people around who always push you towards doing something extra; something good with the talent that you have in you. Her friends were her initial clients; juniors, seniors and others.

It took some time to scale up the size of her deals. But after graduation, She started working full time with this gifted talent. She got an extremely overwhelming response.

According to Maria, it may be harder than it looks especially when you still have that new book smell. People tend to stick with what they know and trust and with your business being new, they might be reluctant to try what you have to offer. In the beginning, don’t hesitate working for free. In the starting you just want your product out there and people to start referring you because most of your business in early stages is through word of mouth.


Her Advice to Artists

“My word to all of you with ideas and talents, is to act on it and release the “Right Now” Thinking. Let that spark within you ignite! Don’t let it sizzle till it dies.”



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