LinkedIn Profile Importance in Career and Business

So do you not have a LinkedIn profile yet? Do you not know about LinkedIn? You will know about it after reading this article and realize the Linkedin Profile importance in your career.

linkedin profile importance in career

What is LinkedIn?

Linkedin is a social network for the professional people. Its main use is to connect you with different professionals, update you about the job opportunities in various organizations and it is helpful for marketing your business. You can connect with your old and new colleagues, your friends and see where they have worked in the past and where they are working currently.

LinkedIn is also your online resume which portrays your abilities and recommendations. It tells others about your experience, interests, education, and skills.

LinkedIn Profile importance in Career

Well, there are more than 20 million people signed up on LinkedIn. And there are a number of reasons which may convince you to join LinkedIn. For Example, You can keep in touch with your old friends, old colleagues to which you don’t get a chance to meet and talk. You can add them to your network. Your network can be expanded by connecting with your current colleagues and other different professionals. You can search for work opportunities by joining different groups and participating in different discussion forums. The Employers will be able to see your work experience and recommendations from your colleagues and clients.

Additionally, LinkedIn is a good marketing place too. If you are running your own business, you can find clients too. People can be found easily and communication is faster. You can get introduced and get recommended to different companies by your connections.

So it helps you in your business and helps you in finding better opportunities. It is highly recommended to you to have a profile on LinkedIn. It will open more doors for you and will connect you with a different person who has exact or similar interest as yours.

One more thing that I would like to add is that if you create an account on this professional network, make sure that you have a complete Linkedin profile with all necessary and updated details. Otherwise, there is no use of that profile.



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