Life in a Nutshell

Life in a Nutshell

Behind every success and inspiration:

-There is an untold story.
-There is pain
-There is continuous struggle
-There are challenges
-There are failures
-There is mockery

But this is how life works. It is quite difficult to pretend that you don’t care. Somewhere in your heart, you do care what people think about you.

Life is full of ups and downs. At one point, you may think you are the luckiest person on the earth. At another point, you may think that you are the unluckiest person. At one stage, you will observe things going your way. At another stage, you will observe the opposite. What important is that how best you perform. No matter what you do.

A time which is gone is never going to come back. But your future depends on you. It is up to you how you learn from your mistakes. You make your own strategy. You choose what you want to become.

I believe, life does give you a chance. Scenarios and back end of everyone’s life may be different. Yet, whatever happens in your life, is for your own good.

I am not a successful person, yet. But I will be someday. Whenever I share my aims and ideas with people, many of them do not believe in those. Many of them mock me. But very few encourage it and believe me. Those few people are my motivation. In fact, when the majority do not believe in my ideas, I realize that my ideas are different.

We are not competitors in this World. We are participants and we all are playing our role.

You learn something from every person you meet in your life. No one is perfect. Every person has both negative and positive sides. You should focus the positive side and try to learn from it. People like appreciation, not criticism. Even if your criticism is constructive, it should be done in a way that it should not look destructive.

There will always be people who will hate you. There will always be people who will like you. But it doesn’t matter.

Everyone in the World has the same brain but different minds. Everyone has their own skills and everyone is unique. It depends on the person if he can identify his uniqueness or not. If he does, he can do wonders.

Personality Development is as important as your other skills. I wonder why people do not give it much importance.

I try to keep myself busy and I try to make the most of every opportunity to serve the society, I commit mistakes but I try my best to stop people from committing those same mistakes. I aim to set an example.

I do not aim for fame, I aim to bring the change. The change in the minds and thoughts of the people. I want to make the people think differently. I want to bring an impact.

Prove yourself that you are not just another person. Prove that you were born for some purpose. Make your absence be felt.

Life in a Nutshell.



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