Importance of Cover Letter While Applying for Job

A recruiter receives hundreds of CVs and resumes every day. It is not necessary that he or she might assess each and every application. So the question is, how are you going to make sure that your CV or resume is going to be checked? Here is where the importance of cover letter while applying for job lies.

importance of Cover Letter while applying for job

Cover Letter and its importance

What is a Cover Letter?

It is a brief introduction of yours. You highlight your accomplishments and achievements. You try to convince the recruiter that why you are the best suitable candidate for the job vacancy. It is the first chance to leave a good impression of yours. An excellent cover letter always forces the recruiter to move on to your CV to know more about you.

Importance of Cover Letter

Importance of Cover Letter while applying for a job is that it gives you a chance to stand out of thousands of competitive candidates. It convinces the recruiter that not only you want this job but they need you for this role.

However, a Cover letter can be really frustrating as it requires a lot of efforts and time. It is very difficult to finalize how much relevant but the limited information you are including in it.

Its an elevator pitch in black and white. Of course, introducing yourself to few hundreds of words is an art of course. Concise and focused Cover letter is always great. It should include the reason for why you are the one that the recruiter is looking for.

Mistakes to avoid in your Cover Letter

Although, it is important that your cover letter is well written. You may be an aspiring and potential applicant but your all efforts may go in vain because of a poorly written cover letter.

Hence, you should put yourself in the shoes of a recruiter and realize how boring it is for them to read hundreds or even thousands of cover letters and resume.

Your cover letter should answer the following questions:

  1. Why are you the one that the employer is looking for?
  2. What should they care about you?
  3. What are the qualifications, skills, and achievements that you possess and which would differentiate you from the other applicants?
  4. How will you be a valuable addition to their team?

Further, make sure that:

  1. Your cover letter does not contain any typo or grammatical mistake.
  2. The tone is professional.
  3. The length is not more than 350 words.
  4. It has a proper salutation (Dear name)  and sign off (Best Regards or Yours Sincerely).
  5. It is not the same for each vacancy that you are applying for.

Additionally, also make sure that you the skills and achievements that you are mentioning in the cover letter are relevant to the job. In the closing of the letter, you should offer the recruiter to have a look at your CV. Also, show your interest in offering your self for an interview.


The importance of cover letter while applying for a job cannot be ignored. It is an essential document for the job applicant through which he or she can give a favorable impression to the recruiter. It should be to the point as much as possible. It should not be very long and detailed. There are thousands of examples available on Google search engine which can help you out in preparing you a unique cover letter. Remember that it is important to avail this chance of getting to you the next stage of the employment. But you should also take care of mistakes in your CV as well. Best of Luck 🙂



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