How To Study and Do Well in Exams

Exams, the biggest nightmare for any student. The student feels scared that when they will enter the examination room, their mind will go back and will forget everything they have read or know. The important thing for every student to get good grades is to be confident and relax their mind before the paper starts.

how to study for exams

How to do well in Exams

I am sharing down here some little tricks and hacks to boost your confidence and to helps you in performing well in your examination.

Get Organised:

The fundamental thing before start studying is to make yourself and your study place organised. A cluttered space with your notes, study materials lying here and there, notebooks of different subjects with no particular order will only make you more confused and tensed. So start tidying up your room and your study space. Organise your books or notes according to the paper schedule. Just put the necessary things related to your paper in front of you and put away all the things which will distract you.

Time Management:

Manage your time. Don’t just sit and study all day. Make a proper timetable. Create a balanced study plan and give equal time to all the subjects. Know from where to start studying and when to stop it. Take regular breaks. The best time to study is in the morning when your mind is fresh.

Don’t Skip Night Sleep, Wake up early Morning:

A good night’s sleep before the exam will help you to perform better. Staying up late at night and studying is of no help. Remember, you need energy and a fresh mind to focus on the paper so an ideal 8 hours sleep is must during examinations. The brain performs efficiently during the morning hours as compared to late night hours.

Eat Well & Stay hydrated

Stay active. Take out 20 or 25 minutes from your routine for workout or walk. It will improve your memory and reduce the effects of tiredness or stress. Eat high carbs and high fibre foods. You need more energy fuels during this torturous season. Include vegetables, fruits and most importantly, water in your diet. Drink enough amount of water that your body needs.

Avoid Distractions

Teenagers like to listen music or do texting or watch television while studying. But this will only prove to be a distraction. Switch your study spots. Don’t stick in one corner for study. Sit in a ventilated room. Put your cell phone away while studying or turn it off and shut down all the social apps. Specially, stay away from Facebook!

Practice What You Study:

Practice, Practice and Practice! Write what you learn. Before starting any topic, write down everything about it and then highlight what you skipped. Make up a story linking together each piece of information. It is an effective way to absorb bigger chunks of information and keep it memorised.

In The End

Don’t freak out! Stay relax and keep your mind fresh and focused! Reach the examination centre an hour or half an hour before your exams to do revision and find your seat. Stop looking at your notes and lectures at least 30 minutes before your examination. Better start preparing before a month to avoid panic attacks. Organise study groups with friends. Follow the above listed things and you are surely going to pass your examination with flying colours. Good Luck!



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