5 Common Problems faced in E-commerce by Pakistanis

While going through all the amazing inventions of the twentieth century, I must say, internet has hit us really hard and made a strong impact in our lives. Be it social networking, checking stocks online, reading newspaper or magazine, reaching out to people in other parts of the world, looking up latest fashion trends, searching new recipes or doing business over the internet; all of these have completely transformed our lives with the online world. Working online and paving ways for one’s own business is one of the major blessings of internet.

E-commerce or electronic commerce refers to the transactions involving buying and selling online. Its radius spans over areas such as internet marketing, mobile commerce, online transaction processing, online funds transfer, inventory management systems, online shopping, online food orders and lots more! E-commerce is a booming industry in the whole world but unfortunately, it hasn’t flourished that well in Pakistan in terms of bringing finances to the country. People here are quite aware of its existence and tend to use it as well but due to some very indispensable reasons, it still needs great efforts to thrive.

Let me share some of the most common problems faced in E-commerce by Pakistanis!

1) Lack of trust

Despite knowing what E-commerce is and how beneficial it could be, there are almost no efforts from the higher authorities to establish it in Pakistan. The population is under the impression that buying and selling online is full of scams and frauds. Since people here are fond of purchasing everything by checking the material and look and feel themselves, they are hardly opting for this new way of shopping while sitting at home. It is believed that by meeting the seller and distributor, a bond of trust and strong relationship is generated which helps them in getting the original product in the most affordable rates.

2) Delusion related to E-commerce

Most of the people in Pakistan are under a false impression about E-commerce, how it works, which products can be bought or sold and how processing will be done. E-commerce, in Pakistan, is only limited to products which can be digitized over the internet. Thereby completely forgetting about the other services and facilities offered over the internet. This not only reduces the customer base but also reduces the no. of customers. It also holds back businessmen from diving into this cyber world of online buying and selling and creates barriers for their growth and success.

3) No concealment of personal data

In Pakistan people are of the opinion that giving out personal information such as contact number, address and credit card details to the online businesses is not safe. Since they don’t know the sellers and business owners, there is lack of trust. Without knowing the person, it is not possible to share such details as there have been cases where personal information was misused. Due to a few black sheep in the market, this industry is suffering quite a lot. There is no concealment of data in E-commerce in Pakistan. This needs to be taken seriously by the Government in order to make strong grounds for E-commerce in Pakistan.

4) Lack of technology and internet services

According to the stats, internet and technology has reached almost all over Pakistan including the small villages and towns. However, there still are places where basic internet facility is either too expensive or of lesser quality. This stops people from reaching the World Wide Web let alone E-commerce facilities. The slow internet or prolonged delays in services are a big ‘no no’ for online business.

Also, they would still need a personal computer or laptop in order to take advantage of the e-commerce amenities. But, due to the high prices of these products, people are unable to afford such technologies.

5) Inappropriate transportation of products

Out of the so many issues faced by E-commerce in Pakistan, transportation adds one more stone up to the pile. Inappropriate transportation of the products causes the mishandling of orders and damage of goods. None of the buyers would want any wear and tear of their orders. They prefer perfect and on time delivery of their goods. When this doesn’t happen, the customer either returns the order or never ever thinks of buying any thing online.

Hope you had a happy reading!

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