Amazon Go – The Smarter Way For Shopping

If you have experienced shopping in the superstores and marts, you will be aware of the time consumption that takes place during the process. For someone who is rushing out of time, hates to stand in queue and waiting for his turn to make payments, Amazon has proposed a solution. With all the things becoming digitally advanced, Amazon has gone after book stores, electronics shops and now taken e-shopping trend to the whole new level. Yes, you read it right. Amazon has introduced the smartest way for shopping ever, Amazon Go.

Concept of Amazon Go

Amazon released a video on YouTube in which it introduced the concept of Amazon Go!

In this video, Amazon has used the tagline “No Lines. No Checkouts. (No, Seriously)”. Which describes that Amazon Go is a concept that allows you to fill up your trolleys. Then simply walk out with any hassle of wasting time in long queues. Which also means no cashiers and no bills. Moreover, it is a kind of an ideal  store which lets customers take whatever they want and leave without even waiting in the line.

Amazon Go,”the store with no checkout required” works in a very simple way. Customer checks in at the entrance of the store through the smartphone. Then grabs whatever product he needs and checks out. The app detects when items are taken or returned to the shelves, tracks them in a virtual shopping trolley then charges the customer’s Amazon account.

Amazon claims that they have used computer vision, deep learning algorithms and sensor fusion which automatically detects whatever product that you will choose to buy. Once you’re in the store, cameras will follow you around as you navigate the aisles. This “Just Walk Out Technology” requires Amazon Go app download in your smartphone. Any item that you take from a shelf is automatically added to your virtual cart.When you are done with the shopping, just leave the store. Afterwards, your Amazon account will be charged and you will receive the receipt on your phone. These amazing stores are scheduled to launch in 2017.



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