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Founded in 2016, TechGrasp is a team of passionate people with an aim to grab the attention of blog readers from all over the internet. We have built an online platform to promote education, awareness, entrepreneurship and cutting-edge technology. We aim to become a one-stop for the readers who are interested in the news related to the following areas:


Not everyone is born to work 9 to 5 for others. Many people have the spark to do what they love. These people do their work in their style. We focus on entrepreneurship and startups by promoting entrepreneurs. Moreover, we promote their hard work with the intention of encouraging other people. We not only discuss tech-based startups. But we cover even small and creative startups which we see around our streets.


In the race of entrepreneurship, we have ignored the importance of Education in our lives. Hence, we aim to encourage and motivate people by posting educational stuff. Moreover, we promote the high achievers in the academic discipline. We post the content that benefits students and keen learners.


An important area that we will cover in which we want our readers to think. We want to let everyone know about their responsibilities. Moreover, we aim to talk about how to serve the society in a better way. Hence, through this medium, we are willing to spread awareness to make our society even better.


Undoubtedly, eCommerce has a promising future. Accordingly, we share the tips and ideas related to this field. We also focus on the trends of international eCommerce giants


Day by day, we learn about the newly emerging electronic items and gadgets. Hence, our focus is on up to date information from the World of technology. Furthermore, the readers witness the latest breaking technology news, reviews and analysis of latest products on TechGrasp.

Our Mission

We wish to make your visit to this blog worthful! If you think that you have learned something new after visiting this site, we will consider it our success 🙂
We value your suggestions. Feel free to contact us and provide us your precious feedback which will help us to improve ourselves.

We can be contacted at: techgrasp.pk@gmail.com

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