10 Types of People on Social Media

Social media is a disease that is influencing millions, yet one that is difficult to track since it comes in numerous forms. It could be chatting, posting pictures or videos and so much more. Every social media user is different from the other. You may witness various types of people on social media.

types of people on social media

Types of People on Social Media

Following are the 10 types of people on social media that you will mostly see.

1. Media Freaks

These individuals fire a status on each and every thing that they’re doing, did or will do.

Example#1 : Got a haircut, Time for some pizza with the young ladies , the pyjama party is on!
Example#2 : Just ate, leaving for work. Returned home, excessively drained!

2. Check-in Master/Mistress

These people are the out-goers of the social media world.You will always find their timeline flooded with check-ins.

Example#1 : Checked into University, checked into a marriage lawn, checked into a restaurant, checked into home. Phew! You gotta be kidding me right?

3. Crying Souls

This group tends to post all the tearjerker stuff on their timeline. You’d constantly see them liking sad poetry, sad pictures, heart breaking quotes! Bleh! I bet they even cry while running their fingers on the keyboard.

4. Abbreviators

Now comes the “Time savers” or the”Cool People”, more appropriately said : ” The annoying group “. who are well known for typing in abbreviated form, contractions and acronyms. These people on social media spend the greater part of their waking hours LOLING (unless they’re ROFL) and posting emoticons that makes no sense and nobody else knows what are they trying to imply.

5. Social Media Bomber

Found mostly on famous blogs or platforms with either huge paragraphs of comments, or some times leaving a one liner comment, for example, “Extraordinary post!” trying to make their presence felt.  Hence, the attention seekers!

6. Rib Tickler

These individuals do not leave a single chance of making people laugh or at least try to make them laugh. They make dirty politics look funny. They post funniest videos and what not. But sometimes, they even cross lines when they target the “famous celebrities” and for that they sometimes get to face the consequences.

7. Grammar Nazi

They can’t let a little syllable, spelling or sentence go wrong. And when their eyes set upon some random stuff having grammatical errors. The war gets on!
Ordinarily they see themselves as supportive people while being seen by others as “irritating parasites” to the point of animosity.

8. Takers, Selfie Takers

These are the people who consider themselves no less than a celebrity. They click 100 of pictures and upload the best ones, of course having applying filters so as to look beautiful. But a wise person has said it fine ” Pictures lie “.

9. Criticizers

The hard skinned people. They may be right or wrong while tampering a certain situation. The criticizers are mostly not fond of any sort of knowledge yet they bomb any social media platform just as to prove their useless or meaningful point. Better not argue with them.

10. Silent Observers

A dynamic social media user who loves to be within the radar. They may like your posts * in their mind * yet that doesn’t mean they will really hit the “like” button because they’re the silent listeners. They are like they secret agents who are always scared of blowing their cover so their activity panel is empty most of the time.

So these were the 10 types of people on social media platforms. Which category do you fall in?



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